Evil Eyes – “Keep Your Mind on Me” (Music Video)

Evil Eyes – “Keep Your Mind on Me”Music Video

The Brilliant Champions team directed, shot, animated and hand crafted this low budget music video made with objects found around San Francisco’s Mission District for the band Evil Eyes.

Directed By: Joe Lumbroso
Written By: Jillian Mackintosh
Produced By: Joe Lumbroso & Jillian Mackintosh

Cinematography: Tylor Bohlman & Joe Lumbroso
Gaffer: Geoff Taylor
Grips: Steve Griggs & Steve Forbes

Editing, VFX, Titles & Post: Joe Lumbroso
Additional Editing: Jesse Chandler

Sets & Miniatures by: Joe Lumbroso & Jillian Mackintosh
Miniature Vehicles by: Erik Otto
Costume Design/Makeup: Jillian Mackintosh

Starring: Evil Eyes, Anna-Alexia Basile as “The girl”, Charmaine Olivia, Roma Oeh and Misa Arnberger as “The Sirens” and Walter Wexley Waggington as himself.

Production Assistants and Moral Support: Blair Kelly, Jesse Chandler, Shea Greene, Sky Tallone, Meryl Pataky, Kathryn Shreve and Hirotaka Fukui

Behind The Scenes photos as taken from the cast and crew’s Instagram accounts: