Momoko – “Maintainers” (Music Video)

Brilliant Champions crafted this official music video for artist Momoko’s new song “Maintainers”.

“We wanted to create a music video that explores topics of labor, sexuality and cultural assumptions of women. We drew inspiration from contemporary artist Kawita Vatanajyankur whose work is unavoidably compelling and perplexing to watch. The result is something that dances between the expectation of the viewer and the deconstruction of these expectations, resulting in provocative and beautiful carnage.”

Director: Jillian Mackintosh
Producers: Taylor Russo, Joe Lumbroso
Production Company: Brilliant Champions (

Director of Photography: Joe Lumbroso
Camera Operator: Micheal Della Polla
Focus Puller: Franklin Ricart
Gaffer: Kyle Seeger, Scott Surman
Grip: Keisuki Nojima

Production Designer: Patricia Jamandre
Art PAs: Nellie Stokeld, Margret Jones
PAs: Odyssea Rigau, Ben Gottlieb

Stylist: Sofia Amaral
Hair & Makeup: Grace Fong
Choreographer: Lai Yi Ohlsen

Starring: Momoko, Josephine K Cho, Cat Grey

Edited by: Jillian Mackintosh, Joe Lumbroso, Jesse Chandler
VFX/Titles: Joe Lumbroso
Colorist: Nate Seymour (The Mill)
Color Producer: Evan Bauer (The Mill)