Rebel With A Cause: Creepoid

Branded Documentary (Director / Producer / Editor)

We partnered with Spin Media and Sailor Jerry to produce an interview with Philly band Creepoid. Video highlights their passion for animal rescue, how to buck the norm and basically only answer to yourself.

Director: Joe Lumbroso, Brilliant Champions
Producer: Joe Lumbroso, Jillian Mackintosh
Executive Producer: Jon Lurie

Director of Photography: Dan Debrey
Gaffer/Camera Operator: Josh Echevarria
Camera Operator: Joe Mischo
Hair/Make-Up: Marina Guidos
Production Assistant: Cassandra Clark
Creative Consultant: Sebastian Sdaigui

Editor: Joe Lumbroso
Assistant Editor: Jillian Mackintosh
Title Design: Jillian Mackintosh